Info requested

I am in the grips of some serious lust.  This cute little thing is the object of my desire.

I first saw the iPhone last year, when a couple of people I met in passing were showing it to anyone within a 50 foot radius.  They were in raptures, and I was jealous.  Since then, though, I haven’t spoken to anyone who has stuck with this gadget for the long haul.  Do any of you have an iPhone?  Does it wear well?  Are you still enjoying it as much now as you did then, or has the rapture passed and boredom set in?

Your input would be appreciated, before I give in to my lust and do something stupid and expensive.

Throat clearing

Not quite ready to blog yet, but feeling ready to write — so I consider this post throat-clearing, a forum for idle thoughts.

Is it possible to have jet lag if you’re still in the same time zone?  I feel as tired today as if I have jet lag, even though I did no more than travel from Southern California to Northern California.  Perhaps this has to do with being loath to unpack and tidy.  If I whip myself up into some functional level of energy, I’ll feel obligated to deal with the usual detritus of a trip, and I so don’t want to.

This trip left me with some sense of loss, as I actually lost a few possessions.  This is unusual for me, as I’m one of those people who very seldom loses things.  On this trip, however, I managed to lose my phone charger (the one for the car), my hands-free headset and, which causes me the most upset, my USS Shoup cap.  The first two losses are an inconvenience; the last a disappointment.  I also have a suspicion that I’ll find the first two somewhere in the house, since they went missing from the git-go, whereas I know the cap is currently adorning some unknown person’s head in the Southland.

Speaking of the cell phone, it’s time for me to get a new one.  My old one is reaching the end of its functional life (with the 7 key working only about 30% of the time on the best days).  A couple of acquaintances — meaning that they’re not people I can just call and talk to for information — proudly showed me their new iPhones and I was utterly captivated.  I loved the interface.  I’ll probably end up getting just a regular phone again (I don’t even have text messaging right now, let alone Blackberry type email/internet), but I am so tempted by that cute little gadget.  Do any of you have iPhones and, if you do, what do you think of your phone?  Is it really special or am I doing something fairly rare for me, and falling victim to hype?

Okay, throat-clearing done.  Blogging to recommence in as soon as I find something I want to write about.