Time to choose Obama’s theme song

Now that Obama is official (assuming he passes Constitutional muster), it’s time to come up with his official theme song. Ocean Guy came up with a Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Weber ditty, No Bama. That song works for me on principle, even though I’m not actually familiar with it.

As for me, given Obama’s frequently mentioned South Side venue, I’ve come up with a different song, with apologies to Jim Croce:

Bad, bad Barack Obam

Well the South side of Chicago
Is the baddest part of town
And if you go down there
You better just beware
Of a man named Barack Obam

Now Barack more than trouble
You see he stand about six foot four
All the downtown ladies call him Lefty Lover
All the men just call him Sir


And it’s bad, bad Barack Obam
The baddest man in the whole damned town
Badder than old King Kong
And meaner than a junkyard dog

Now Barack he a liberal
And he like his fancy clothes
And he like to wave his “hope & change”
In front of everybody’s nose
He got a custom education
He got a book bestseller too
He got a media crowd shoutin’ ’bout him real loud
He got a whiny wife with him too

(Repeat Chorus)

Now Friday ’bout a week ago
Barack turned on the charm
And promised us,
that with this charm
He would twist Ahmadini’s arm
Well he started the conversation
And the trouble soon began
Cause Barack Obam learned a lesson
Bout messin’ with the priest of the missing Imam

(Repeat Chorus)

Well the two men took to fighting
And when they pulled them off the floor
Barack looked like a jigsaw puzzle
With a couple of pieces gone

(Repeat Chorus)

Okay, I concede it’s bad, because parody and poetry aren’t my strengths, but just see if you can’t escape the bad, bad South Side boy as you listen to Croce sing the song: