Romney finds his inner happy warrior

One of the things that made Reagan such a winner in 1980 was the fact that he was a happy warrior.  Voters had a real choice between Jimmy Carter’s dour malaise (“it’ll be this way forever”) and Reagan’s ebullient optimism in America (“morning in America”).

This year, voters have that same choice.  Please share this video with those who are undecided or who are thinking third party or who just don’t believe in the process any more.  (Don’t bother sharing it with the liberals you know.  It’s like trying to wash a cat.  The cat certainly gets irritated, but doesn’t necessarily get clean.)

Hat tip: Lulu

The Smirk

The GOP instantly produced a video focusing on Obama’s face during the debate.  It’s called “The Smirk.”  I don’t know.  To me, it looks as if Obama’s trying not to cry.

I’m watching the debate now, and I would characterize it as a bloodless, but total, massacre. Obama wearily pretends the last four years never happened, while Romney cheerfully goes for the rhetorical jugular. I’m impressed that Romney doesn’t appear mean, he appears impassioned. He cares about America.

As for Obama, all he seems to care about is having the debate end. We all know that feeling. The game starts, you realize instantly that you’re seriously over-matched, but you can’t just walk off the field. So what you do instead is go through the motions, waiting for the final whistle to blow.  Ace has a picture showing who really cared.

I will not be foolish enough to say that the election is over. Sarah Palin has rightly warned that, in past elections, when he couldn’t win clean, Obama won dirty. Nevertheless, Romney, given the chance to meet the voters face to face, finally broke free of the media narrative. From here on out, voters will pay direct attention to Romney, which is what he needed.

Incidentally, all of my liberal Facebook friends, the ones who were posting endless Obama campaign posters, did one of two things last night: they suddenly fell silent or they announced that this whole election campaign is so boring, they just wish it was over. Kind of like Obama….