Please help Rep. Renee Ellmers win the New Media Challenge

Lorie Byrd has been a long-time blog friend of mine.  You guys probably know her from her blog, her Wizbang posts, and the articles she’s had published in major conservative online sites.

Back in 2008, Lorie started working for then-candidate Renee Ellmers, who has been one of the stalwarts of the Tea Party.  Ellmers won, and Lorie continues to work with her, helping to expand Ellmers’ — and, by extension, the Tea Party’s — presence in the blogosphere.

The entire Republican branch of the House has figured out that the internet is the new frontier, one in which it can get its message out without malevolent mediation from the mainstream media.  To that end, the Republican House members are competing in a New Media Challenge.  The point of the competition is to get Republican House members (and their staffers) excited about and involved in Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as ways to spread the conservative message.

The competition is now down to eight representatives, with Ellmers on the list.  You can feel free to support whomever you want, but I’m all out for Ellmers.  After all, my representative is the reprehensible Lynn Woolsey.  Here’s what you can do:

“Like” Rep. Ellmers on Facebook.

Subscribe to her on YouTube.

“Follow” her on Twitter.

Then, ask your friends to do the same.

For Lorie, this is both a personal mission and a part of her job description, so she aims to win.  Keep in mind, though, that all of us win if we can help lift Republican members of Congress into the 21st Century.  So please, take a minute, and like, subscribe, and follow!

Help Renee Ellmers win

My friend Lorie Byrd is working for the Renee Ellmers campaign in North Carolina against Democratic incumbent Bob Etheridge.  The fact that Lorie works for Ellmers, on its own, is an excellent recommendation. Renee’s stand on the issues, her affect (style matters), and the nature of her opponent also elevate her to the status of “recommended Congressional candidate.”

The last is the easiest.  Etheridge, of course, shot to national prominence, at least amongst conservatives, when he became extremely hostile after being filmed on a cell phone camera.  I have to admit that I would hate to be chased by a cell phone camera, but I’m not a public figure, the questions posed weren’t hostile, and Etheridge’s response was abnormal.  His politics are also too liberal in areas about which I care deeply.  He’s pro-Obama Care (voted for it); pro-stimulus (straight YES votes); pro-gun control; anti-school vouchers; etc.  (By the way, as you can tell from the link, I didn’t get this information from Etheridge’s campaign website, who is wrapped in meaningless waffle language, with almost no specifics as to where he actually stands based upon his own votes.)

Renee’s positions, on the other hand, are pretty straight forward.  Here’s the summary from her website, with more details available should you be interested:

Obamacare – I’m a nurse and my husband is a doctor. There are right ways and wrong ways to improve health care. Obamacare is the wrong way.

Jobs – The President’s spent money like water on ‘Stimulus Plans’ and ‘Bailouts’ and run the deficit up to over a trillion dollars. It hasn’t worked. What does work is tax cuts.

Jobs – Small businesses are trying to survive the recession, plus they’re facing President Obama’s new health care and ‘Cap and Trade’ taxes and they don’t know how those taxes will affect their business. So they have no choice but to be cautious. To create jobs we have to remove the uncertainty facing small businesses – specifically, that means stopping President Obama’s tax increases.

Economy – Cut taxes. Cut government spending. Get government out of the way and let the free enterprise system work.
Taxes – Lower tax rates across the board. And I support tax reform.

Energy – I support off-shore drilling – it could be a boon for North Carolina’s economy. I oppose President Obama’s ‘Cap and Trade’ bill which raises taxes on energy, then uses the tax money to send $300 billion in foreign aid to Third World nations so they can build so-called ‘Green Industries.’

Marriage – I believe marriage is between one man and one woman.

Life – I believe in the sanctity of human life and believe that life begins at conception. I am Pro-Life.

Immigration – Immigration laws should be enforced. And I oppose Amnesty for illegal immigrants. I believe we should strengthen our border enforcement and implement a strong employment verification system so companies can be sure they are hiring legal workers and those that do not face stiff penalties.2nd Amendment – I am a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights, having a concealed carry permit myself. The right to bear arms is constitutionally protected, one of the cornerstones of our freedom, and I will fight for that right for others as well as for myself.

Terrorism – My opponent Bob Etheridge voted to close Gitmo. I believe that was a mistake. I also support trying terrorists in military courts – instead of putting them on trial in New York City.

For the most part, I agree with her stands, especially on what are for me the overarching issues of this election:  health care, national security, the economy, and immigration.

Anyway, if you’re interested, Renee is in fund-raising mode right now (it’s “money bomb” time) and all help would be much appreciated.

Renee Ellmers explains where the money is and, sadly, where it isn’t

My blog friend Lorie Byrd is working for Renee Ellmers, who is opposing Bob “Who are you?” Etheridge.  Ellmers has put out a plea for campaign money, which you can give voluntarily.  This is an important point, because her video is a reminder of the way in which Washington abuses the money it forces out of you through brute government power:

Etheridge may be sleazy, but he’s raking in the money (which kind of confuses me because I’m sure Obama and Pelosi, et al keep telling us Republicans are the party of the rich), so any help you can give would be great.

Three candidates I want to put on your radar

There are three House candidates I want to put on your radar.  The first is Renee Ellmers, in North Carolina, who is running against the abnormally aggressive Bob Etheridge.  You can get a sense of Ellmer’s calm good sense in this video, in which she discusses Etheridge’s insane behavior, and offers herself as a reasonable alternative:

(By the way, you know that the world has turned upside down when Glenn Greenwald is the voice on the Left making an ethical, rational and entirely appropriate argument to the effect that there is no defense for Etheridge’s behavior.)

The second candidate is David Benning, who is challenging Henry Waxman, California’s perennial far Left candidate.  If you want to have an inkling as to what’s wrong in Congress, think about the fact that Waxman has been breathing (and contributing to) that Foggy Bottom swamp air for 36 years!  A friend of mine has been working on Benning’s campaign, and says he’s the real deal:  a good human being, incredibly competent, pro-business, fiscally conservative, and pro-Israel.  He understands the concepts for small government at home and high security abroad.  If you’re in Waxman’s district, there is an alternative.

The third candidate I’d like you to meet is Bob Stephens, who is running for the California assembly.  I appreciate that his is not a national candidacy but, if you believe that, as California goes, so goes the nation, and if you watch California’s precipitous slide into bankruptcy and general chaos, you understand that Californians need to send quality people to Sacramento.  Bob is one of those people.  His sole goal is to force fiscal responsibility onto an out-of-control state government.  He’s no Chris Christie (who is?), but he’s intelligent, committed, informed, and uninterested in becoming a fixture in Sacto.  He wants to clean things up and come home to his family.

Sitting on my spindle *UPDATED*

For the past two days, I’ve been gathering links that I’ve meant to use in stand-alone posts.  That’s clearly not going to happen, though, so let me pass the links onto you, in the hope that you find them as interesting as I did.

Here’s something of a public service announcement:  if you post your phone number in Facebook, your phone number has suddenly become public property.  Please be careful.

Has Sarah Palin acquired a stalker or a legitimate journalist?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Elvis Costello joins the ranks of useful idiots to boycott Israel.  One Israeli politely takes him to task for his ignorance and inhumanity.

Much as the press loves Obama, Obama does not love the press.  They’ll never abandon his ship, though.  Even if they have unexpectedly found themselves traveling in steerage, when they thought they’d booked first class accommodations, he’s still taking them to their socialist port of choice.

Have other presidents blown off Memorial Day?  Even if they have, it still isn’t as tacky as Obama’s having done so, because no other president has ever shown such manifest disdain and disrespect for the American military.  This isn’t a one-off.  It’s a package deal of giving the middle finger to the troops he commands.  [UPDATE:  At American Thinker, they get it.]

Heather MacDonald points to the Emperor’s Nakedness:  all the huffing and puffing about the Arizona law hides the fact that Democrats desperately don’t want to enforce border security.  They will willingly watch terrorists sneak into the country, they will watch drug dealers destroy our cities, they will see masses of immigrants ruin our economy — all before they will give up the possibility of millions of new Democratic party-line voters.

If you live in North Carolina’s Second District, you should find interesting this interview with Republican candidate Renee Ellmers, another woman who found politics through the Tea Parties.

Nihilism and, inevitably, anarchy.  Is that the world’s future?  In a post-Judeo-Christian world, Dennis Prager thinks it may well be.  America used to be the single brake against this trend, but Obama’s America has jumped upon the bandwagon.

I have no idea why it’s a surprise to learn that, the more government spends, the more businesses retrench rather than joining the spending party.  Business people understand what liberal policy wonks don’t:  all that spending has to be paid for by taxes; all those taxes suck money out of the economy; and an economy with no money is a perilous business environment.  The fact that it took a scholarly study to figure this one out tells us just how removed from reality the Ivory Tower crowd is.  [UPDATE:  Just wanted to add one more thing.  I’m reading Jaques Barzun’s The Culture We Deserve for my (conservative) reading group.  I’m only two essays in, but he’s already explained perfectly why I loathed the liberal arts program at UC Berkeley when I was a student there in the very early 1980s.  I’ve always been a member of the true reality-based community.  I therefore never had the stomach for the artificiality of academia.  People don’t live in petri dishes.  They live in the real world, with real problems and, most importantly, real cause and effect.]

Great.  The EPA is planning on managing plants in Texas.  This should go well (see my previous paragraph).