Scientists know everything about the known world around us when it comes to climate change, but nothing when it comes to other things

The media repeatedly assures us that there is no question — and cannot be any question — about climate change.  That particular bit of science is settled, with all the data collected, a position the media holds to strenuously despite significant amounts of data that contradict the claim that humans (particularly American humans) are solely responsible for climate change.  The media also clings to this position despite its oft repeated statement, in stories about bizarre animal or geological discoveries, that there is still tons our scientists do not know about the world around us (emphasis mine):

U.S. scientists in the Gulf of Mexico unexpectedly netted a 19.5-foot (5.9-meter) giant squid off the coast of Louisiana, the Interior Department said on Monday, showing how little is known about life in the deep waters of the Gulf.

All of which means that we’re ignorant only when it’s sexy and mysterious to be so, and we’re all-knowing when it’s politically expedient for a Leftist ideology that we be so.