The Bookworm Beat (9/29/14) — the Illustrated edition, plus a lighthearted video

Charles Manson photo that media would use

Obama defines things

Why do atheists care if others pray

Michelle and the US Marine in Mexico

Obama lied about insurance premiums

Malcolm X on media power

Obama's idea of war

George Orwell on society that drifts from trutyh

The difference between immigration and invasion

Firearms are a girl's best friend

The truth about the media

As always, my thanks to Caped Crusader for all of the wonderful posters above. Also, I’ve got one from Sadie. My only complaint about this cartoon is that it’s unfair to Granny Clampett:

Separated at birth

Lastly, a video showing what happens when you ask Texas A&M students to dance for five seconds, without music, and then put the results to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” My sense is that A&M students are good sports, and that there’s some surprising talent — including one really surprising talent — at Texas A&M.

Taylor Swift and the screaming goat

Just for laughs:

I’m ambivalent about Taylor Swift. I’ve liked that she stayed classy when it came to clothes and not doing the drinking, drugging, partying scene.  Given that the teenage girls in my neighborhood like her music, I’m glad she hasn’t been a slut.

What I don’t like about her is her whiny songs.  More than that, I don’t like the way she dates immature young men and, having gotten material for a new whiny song, dumps the young men and then publicly “outs” them as immature young men.  There’s something very mean-spirited about her approach to men (or really, boys) and music.

Madison Rising walks into the lion’s den and emerges triumphant

I’ve blogged here before about Madison Rising, an almost-heavy metal rock group that several vets formed.  Despite its hard guitar licks, pulsing beat, and gravel voiced singing, the band’s orientation is definitely conservative.  It’s songs are pro-military, pro-American, pro-capitalism and anti-OWS.  It’s not necessarily my kind of music (I’m a bit old for it), but it’s definitely my kind of band.  (Kind of like Taylor Swift:  Her music doesn’t float my boat, but I really admire her because she is a classy gal in an often debased industry.)

I learned recently that I have a “one degree of separation” relationship with Madison Rising.  The band’s manager is Richard Mgrdechian.  Back in 2006, he wrote a very good book called How The Left Was Won: An In-Depth Analysis of the Tools and Methodologies Used by Liberals to Undermine Society and Disrupt the Social Order.  I have a copy of the book in my office, courtesy of Rich himself.  When he first published How The Left Was Won, Rich was still living in the Bay Area.  I met him for coffee (he’s a really nice guy), and he told me about the impetus for the book.  Rich gave me permission to post several interesting passages at my blog, which you can see here, here and here.

You can see where I might have a strong interest in Madison Rising, given that it’s a band I admire, managed by a man I like. Just the other day, the band added to the list one other reason for me to like it:  it walked into the lion’s den, performing at an OWS rally — to the great delight of the OWSers, who had no idea what the band was singing, but who knew they liked the music:

In a story you will NOT hear or read about in the mainstream media, it appears Madison Rising truly did “occupy” the Occupiers and those in attendance were completely oblivious to the fact that they were being entertained by a pro-American, pro-military, pro-capitalism (you get the picture) band. In fact, they absolutely loved the music; they were dancing to it, cheering them on, and even tweeting how “tight” this band was as they performed songs like American Dream, Honk if You Want Peace, Before the Hyphen Came, and Where Was The Media Then. Perhaps they were too stoned to pay any attention to the lyrics or could it be they are just that clueless? My guess is both!

You rock, guys, truly you do!