Obama and the deaths of famous people

Keep in mind as you look at this poster that Obama is the military’s Commander in Chief.  This means that, in theory, although clearly not in fact, Chris Kyle was one of Obama’s own:

Obama's responses to death

Incidentally, I don’t reprint this poster to denigrate Houston’s tragedy (which was drug addiction), but merely to point out that our President’s values don’t align well with traditional morality or patriotism.

Obama: it’s not just what he says, it’s what he doesn’t say

A friend forwarded me this Facebook page:

Obama's deafening silence

Perhaps, though, we should be grateful. You just know that Obama would have wanted to say something along the lines of Ron Paul’s execrable statement about living and dying by the sword. (And we know how stupid that is in this context.) Given half a moment and a bully pulpit, Obama would have dressed up Chris Kyle, the ultimate warrior, as the poster child for draconian gun control.

Whitney Houston, RIP

To me, listening to Whitney Houston was exactly the same as listening to cats howl or to fingernails running across a chalkboard.  I couldn’t turn her music off fast enough.  I also hated that she opened the door to a series of ululating, howling women, all of whom sounded like scalded cats.  If I say I thought she was a great talent, I’d be lying.

However, when a woman who has the world at her feet destroys herself with drugs and dies at age 48, that is a terrible tragedy.  I don’t mourn the loss of a singer I disliked.  I mourn very much the loss of a still-youthful woman with so much talent and promise.  I hope that she finds in death the peace that eluded her in life.

Whitney Houston, requiescat in pace.