More on what your church might be doing

A few days ago, I posted about the Presbyterian Church USA — or, rather, I linked to an American Thinker article that highlighted major doctrinal changes in the Church that have crossed the line from rather silly anti-Israel posturing into old-fashioned anti-Semitism. That post sparked a lot of comments, and one very interesting email from someone who is actually a member of the PC-USA. My correspondent gave me permission to publish his email:

While the article in the American Thinker on the PCUSA is, on its face, correct, it doesn’t begin to cover the problems we (yes, I am a member) are currently having in the church. A quick summation would be that at the presbytery level (local government made up of congregations in a geographic area), a solid majority would disagree with much of what comes out of the General Assembly (GA). The liberals (through a long-term concerted effort) have managed to hijack the national government over the last couple of decades while the local governments are predominantly conservative. The GA is also constantly trying to force ordination of practicing homosexuals as well, which is the impetus behind the “confessing church movement.”

It would take pages to even begin to describe the intricacies of the PCUSA government and the current problems but we do pay something called “per capita” where for every member in a church, a certain amount of collections is sent to the GA for the national level. Many churches (ours included) within the PCUSA these days withhold these payments due to the serious disagreements between the national and local level—we won’t finance their idiocy. Unfortunately, the GA currently has a large majority of “liberal thinkers” that sound amazingly like the professors in so many colleges and they have stacked the system so that it’s incredibly difficult to remove them. Basically the PCUSA government is a republic where those that pick the top leadership post are liberals so the leadership is often the worst of the bunch. Actually, one of the reasons I began studying law was as a means of understanding the legal procedures and maneuvers necessary to navigate the GA system as I feel the calling to kick some butt!Bottom line is that most of the PCUSA are not anti-Semitic, just the liberal idiots that have hijacked the GA—they mirror the exact same liberal B.S. that you hear on a majority of college campuses these days.

I wonder if either a schism or a coup is brewing in that Church.

UPDATE:  Coincidentally, today American Thinker had an update on the subject with information lending further credence both to American Thinker's original article and to my friend's correspondence.