In memoriam *UPDATED*

As has been the case every year since September 11, 2001, I remember with deep sadness the lives senselessly destroyed on that terrible day. I also honor those who willingly sacrificed their lives on that day, and the many heroes who made such a big difference. My prayers are for the living and the dead, and my hope is that America can maintain and build its strength so that it is never again so vulnerable.

Here is a list of some other posts honoring those who died on 9/11, those who lived, and the change in our world:

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Webloggin, which has a large and moving collection of 9/11 posts from all Webloggin contributors.

And Old War Dogs, which has a collection of good links.

The Watcher’s Council remembers one of its own, Maj. Andrew Olmsted, who died in the larger battle that 9/11 created.

I’d also like to recommend two of my own posts from 2006:  Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas and Lt. Brian G. Ahearn.  The first is about a friend of mine who died on United 93; the second is about a New York firefighter whom I would have been proud to call “friend.”