Irving Berlin and John McCain understand post-war responsibilities *UPDATED*

Several times during the debate, McCain said of Iraq (and Afghanistan) that we have to win this time, so that we won’t have to do it again.  His refrain reminded me of another refrain, one Irving Berlin wrote for his famous military show during WWII, a time when Americans had come to regret very deeply that they hadn’t made sure Germany was stable after WWI:

‘Twas not so long ago we sailed to meet the foe
And thought our fighting days were done
We thought ’twas over then but now we’re in again
To win the war that wasn’t won
This time, we will all make certain
That this time is the last time

This time, we will not say ‘Curtain’
Till we ring it down in their own home town

For this time, we are out to finish
The job we started then

Clean it up for all time this time
So we won’t have to do it again

Dressed up to win
We’re dressed up to win
Dressed up for victory
We are just beginning
And we won’t stop winning
Till the world is free

We’ll fight to the finish this time
And we’ll never have to do it again

UPDATE: As a small historical footnote, at 2:31 on the video, when three African Americans suddenly appear on the screen, I do believe that the man who is second from the Left is the great heavyweight champion Joe Louis, who had a small role in the movie.