If ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise

Knowing as I do that the media is going to puff every tentative step forward by Obama, whether confirmed or not, I’ve simply ignored the news all day.  I’m feeling stressed, but want to wait until tomorrow for a definitive answer, rather than to suffer through the roller coaster of breathless and, usually, ill-informed information.  That’s why I have nothing to say about what’s happening with today’s election.

However, I’ve decided on optimism.  If the McCain/Palin team wins, I’ll be happy, because that’s what I want and because I believe they’ll be a good team.

If the Obama/Biden team wins, however, there will also be some silver linings:

  1. My husband will be happy and will stop holding me personally responsible for everything he hates about the Bush administration.
  2. Bush Derangement Syndrome will go away and, perhaps, absent the severe negative mental stimulation that BDS created, garden variety Democrats will become less heated in their politics and retreat to a more moderate position.
  3. Israel, freed from the restraining hand of an administration it sort of trusted, and exposed to all the risks of an administration that will almost certainly be hostile to it, will begin to act aggressively, and might take out Iran’s nukes.
  4. Two years of all-Democrat, all-the-time, should take the bloom off the rose for a lot of Americans.
  5. Because being in the American media means never having to admit you were wrong or say you’re sorry, nothing will stop the MSM from turning against Obama.  In other words, because the past will be forgotten, if Obama doesn’t live up to the expectations of various media representatives, they will cheerfully turn on him with unparalleled viciousness.
  6. There is a possibility (albeit a small one, I think), that Obama will prove to be a very good President or, at least, a competent one.  And since my first love is my country, rather than a politician or a party, I hope to be gracious in acknowledging his virtues, assuming there are any.

In other words, the world will not end tomorrow.  And if it’s an Obama victory, we still bear the responsibility as citizens to work for the best possible America, both socially and politically, both at home and abroad.