About Jeanine Garofalo

Many have been wondering about Jeanine Garofalo’s unending stream of bile, especially now that her candidate and her party occupy all positions of power.  I’ll throw in a personal anecdote here, or at least a “one degree of separation” hearsay anecdote.

Back in the early 1990s, when Garofalo was beginning to garner some name recognition, I took a self-defense class.  If I remember correctly, when we were asked about our reasons for taking the class (with the “duh” answer being “I want to learn self-defense”), one of the gals there said that a friend of hers had been attacked and it inspired her to learn how to defend herself.  Subsequent conversation revealed that the friend was up-and-coming comedienne Garofalo.

At this distance in time, I don’t remember if the telling was that Garofalo had been raped, or mugged, or whatever.  What I remember is something entirely different.  According to Garofalo friend, Garofalo was entirely defined by self-loathing.  She hated the way she looked and even the way she smelled.  Indeed, some of her early comedy riffs (if you could call them comedy) were all about her disgust with herself.

At the time, audiences thought this was a big, politically sophisticated joke, inspired by such academics as Naomi Wolf, who was busy castigating all of America for imposing its desires about beauty onto women in order to subjugate them.  It wasn’t a joke, though, according to Garofalo’s friend.  Jeanine really did loath herself at a bone deep level, with a self-hatred that permeated every one of her senses.

Given Garofalo’s hatred for herself (assuming the gal I knew was accurate about the fact that Garofalo’s humor was grounded in personal beliefs), is it any surprise that Garofalo is filled with anger and hatred?  Since she’s chosen her side politically — the Left — she’s going to direct all that bile in the opposite direction.  And nothing that happens on her side of the playground is going to stem the hatred, because it has nothing to do with the playground and the players, and everything to do with Garofalo herself.