Bumper Sticker Wisdom

Bookworm is right that I’ve been on vacation from all things blog-related for some time now, but I’m happy to come back and see what interesting discussions we can stir up while she’s on a well-deserved vacation. As always, I’ll just throw topics out there and rely on the Bookwormroom’s intelligent and thoughtful readers to make the discussion sing.

Let’s start with something fun that we haven’t done in a couple of years. I recently saw a wonderful bumper sticker that read “Discuss Complex Issues . . . Through Bumper Stickers.” I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, a prime market for liberal, air-headed, bumper stickers. Most these days have to do with war and peace – “There is no way to peace . . . peace is the way” “War is never the answer” “Support our troops . . . bring them home” etc.

There is no doubt that liberals are better at condensing their thoughts into bumper sticker sized sound bites than conservatives (maybe because their thoughts are so much smaller, so need less condensing). If we conservatives are going to be successful in the sound-bite world in which we live we need to be smarter and more clever than our liberal counterparts.

So, let’s have a contest. No prizes except for the fun of showing off how clever we are. Well, and the possibility of coming up with something really brilliant and making a fortune selling bumper stickers on the Internet. Condense whatever thoughts you like into bumper-sticker sized bits of wisdom. I’ll start. “A President’s mind is a terrible thing to waste” “Oppose health care rationing” “Freedom is worth fighting for” “Surrender is never the answer” “A war on terrorists by any other name is still worth fighting” “Peace . . . through victory” “Even Obama/Pelosi cannot destroy America” and, in 2010, “Time for the adults to take our country back.”

Okay, now it’s your turn. You’ve got to be able to do better that I have. And, Bookworm, if you get a chance, I’d love for you to play, too.