Blast faxing Senators regarding the upcoming vote on Obama Care *UPDATED*

Just got the following message:

Citizens in Action is providing Americans who are opposed to the proposed health care legislation  with an easy and effective way to fax the 31 Senators who could vote one way or the other on health care reform. Because the first important Senate vote is Tuesday, the time to act is NOW!

In just a few minutes, you can fax your opposition to this irresponsible health care reform to 20 Democrats, 1 Independent and 10 Republicans.  It is critical that you let these 31 Senators know how the American people feel and inundate their fax machines with non-stop faxes.


1.  Go to

2.  A fax has already been prepared although you can elect to write your own.

3.   Fill out all of the information under Step 1.

4.   Select the Responsible Healthcare Fax.

5.   After you send the fax, locate the DONATE button in the lower left hand quadrant of the page.  Please either pay with PayPal or send a check to the address listed.


While there is no fee for this service, which is being provided free of charge by Citizens in Action, they are doing so at a great cost.  Therefore, Bay Area Patriots [the organization that sent out this notice] is requesting that you donate a minimum of $3 to defray their costs and, if you can, please donate more.  Any extra donations will fill the gaps for those who are not in a position to make the suggested minimum donation.

Please forward this email and link to any groups or individuals you know who want to take this kind of action to stop the passage of this irresponsible healthcare reform.

It’s important that this blast fax campaign reaches every citizen who is opposed to this irresponsible legislation, especially in the states of MT, IN, AK, CO, PA, ND, NC, SD, AR, FL, PA, VA, MO, UT, IA, NH, ME and OH. Our best chance to stop this government healthcare takeover is to let our legislators know, whether they are home or in Washington, we are watching closely.

Thank you for participating in this important blast fax campaign.

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers.  I’m so glad you’re checking this post out, because Citizens in Action is offering an incredibly useful service.  Remember that the Senate, while populated by self-styled “Progressives,” is, in fact a fairly antiquated body when it comes to technical sophistication.  The average Senator almost certain responds more strongly to a stack of paper faxes than he or she does to a box full of emails seen only by one of his or her minions.

Citizens in Actions’ fax approach is especially wondrous because it enables concerned conservatives to send only one message, even as the service blasts out 31 faxes.  In this, it is much more user friendly than any blast system that’s come before.

Rmember that the people in Washington are sheltered in their lovely little Nobel Prize, NY Times, WaPo, MSNBC cocoon.  They actually think large swathes of the country agree with them.  Seeing mountains of paper might help them recognize that they are embarking upon a course that is unpopular with the voters, regardless of the media love affair.

So, please forgive the fact that I’m essentially spamming you here by sending you the same message, not once, but twice.  This Citizens in Action service strikes me as something that’s just too important to slip through the cracks that so often serve as the ultimate repositories for Sunday afternoon emails.

Bu the way, I’d be delighted if you’d check out more of my blog than this post — and, if you like it, come back soon.

UPDATE II:  Welcome, Gateway Pundit readers.  I’m delighted to see that so many people are taking advantage of this opportunity to contact Senators about a very important piece of legislation.