Obama in hiding

In a previous post, I gave you information about a protest against Obama’s health care policies that will be held in San Francisco tomorrow.  I hope that many of you in the Bay Area can attend.

After passing on that news, I turned to the SF Chronicle, and saw a headline that Obama, afraid of protesters, is refusing to have any public appearances in San Francisco.  “Wow,” I thought.  “Who knew that a little anti-health care rallying could send Obama into hiding.”

But here’s the funny thing:  Obama’s not hiding from concerned Americans who object to a government takeover of American healthcare.  Obama is hiding from his own kind:

The White House’s fear of protests from Code Pink and other left-wingers has put the brakes on President Obama making any public appearances during his visit to San Francisco this week.

Obama is scheduled to parachute into Liberalville on Thursday afternoon and pick up a cool $2 million for the Democratic Party at a fundraiser at the St. Francis Hotel – then spend the night, before checking out early the next morning and heading to Houston for a community service forum hosted by former President George H.W. Bush.

The St. Francis event is about all the public will see of him here. Concerns about big and loud protests over the war in Afghanistan, the prohibition on open gays and lesbians in the military and other issues have squelched any thought of a trip to a local school or high-tech manufacturing plant that often accompanies such visits, said a source involved in the planning.

Read the rest here.

That’s right.  Obama is running and hiding from the people who put him in the White House.  Talk about profiles in courage.

Before the election, Joe Biden predicted that Obama would be tested within the first few months of his presidency.  At the time, I said that, as a bona fide narcissist, Obama would respond to the “test” either by going viciously ballistic or by curling into a little ball and hiding.  I guess we now know what he does.

Peek a boo, Obama.  I see you!