As Christmas approaches, help soldiers get calling cards

Chase is giving $5 million dollars to charity.  The deal is that facebook users get to vote for the charity of their choice, and then Chase will use those votes to determine how to allocate the funds.  If you have a facebook account, think about donating to Cell Phones for Soldiers, an organization two youngsters started in 2003 to help overseas troops get calling cards and cell phones.

To vote for the organization, click on this link, which should take you directly to the Chase voting page for Cell Phones for Soldiers.  Then, just follow the instructions (which start with requiring you to become a Chase fan.)

If the link doesn’t take you directly to the Cell Phones for Soldiers voting page, click on the “Search Charities” button, near the top of the window, and search for “Cell Phones for Soldiers.”  When that name appears in the search screen, click on it.  Then just follow the instructions.