Prayers for Rush Limbaugh *UPDATED*

Rush was taken to a Honolulu hospital in serious condition with chest pains.  I hope it’s nothing more than angina or indigestion.  He is a national treasure, something that becomes especially obvious when he has guest hosts sitting in, as he does now, during the holiday season.  No matter how good they are, they’re not as good as he is.

Hat tip:  Brutally Honest

UPDATE:  Since I’m getting links for this fairly bald little post, I feel as if I should add something.

The something I’d like to add is that I came late to Rush Limbaugh.  Throughout most of his broadcast history, my only knowledge of him came through the MSM and, especially, through Al Franken’s nasty attack on him which I, then a liberal, thought was the funniest book ever.

It’s only in the last few years that I’ve actually listed to Rush without having my opinion of him created and filtered by the Leftist media.  I’ve learned in those years that Rush is extremely well-organized mentally, which is a gift in someone who hosts a daily three hour radio show; he has an extraordinary knack of explaining, simply and correctly, current political events and political thinking; he’s incredibly funny, with the ego derided by the Left being a pose, rather than a personality trait; and he’s remarkably prescient, no doubt because of his his brains, analytical ability of fund of knowledge.  He is, as I said originally, a treasure, and it would be tragic if something were to happen to him at this pivotal moment in American history.