The blessings of a downed server

As many of you discovered yesterday, my server was down for some time.  I thought I’d lapse into a deep funk, but I was actually somewhat grateful.  The news about the economy and Israel was so deeply depressing, I needed a break from thinking about it.

To be honest with myself, “needed” isn’t the right word.  The Israelis need a break too, but they’re not getting one.  If you have to, you soldier on.  But sitting ensconced in my comfortable American suburban home, I am fortunate in that I don’t have to soldier on every minute of every day.  And sometimes the reminder that I am allowed to walk away for a little while comes in the form of a server that simply refuses to make itself available to me.

Today is also a “no blog” day, although for less technical reasons.  In a very little while, I leave for an all day swim meet.  When it ends, I race home, make myself gorgeous (we can dream), and dash into the City for a commemoration of the Battle of Midway.  The guest speaker will be Admiral Eric T. Olson.  As an added pleasure, I’ll be seeing SJBill and his lovely family (no dreams necessary there; they are gorgeous, one and all).

Fortunately, even when I don’t blog, others do.  As I’ve mentioned before, my blogroll isn’t just a polite sop to people who ask to be on it.  Every entry on my blogroll is one I value, so please consider it a resource.  Also, my friends have been blogging hard in the past 24 hours and I’ve got some great links for you:

Zombie has developed beautifully a theme I’ve messed around with myself:  the fact that our culture has grown to be one that hates winners.  I touched lightly upon that same subject here, in the context of the Marxist obsession with victim status, which gives losers carte blanche.

AJ Strata looks at the incompetence that characterizes every aspect of the Obama administration.  My take is that they are incompetent, not because they are incapable, but because incompetence furthers their ultimate goal.  Why do things well when doing things badly is the ultimate means to your end?

Both The Anchoress and Kim Priestap take a stab at dealing with Obama’s  malevolent incompetence, not to mention his rank dishonesty, when it comes to the oil spill.

On an entirely different subject, Irving Berlin escaped Russia’s virulent pogroms, he survived growing up in the Lower East Side, he witnessed America make its way through two world wars and one major depression.  And he was able to write this song: