What gets Obama’s goat?

Obama has been in office roughly a year and a half.  That’s long enough to get a handle on what motivates our president.  He’s pretty binary.  When he’s not partying with rock stars, he’s either apathetic or angry.  Here, in no particular order, is a little list of Obama’s responses to both world situations and domestic policy initiatives that have occurred so far during his administration:

Health care billApathetic.  (Yeah, it passed and, yeah, he made the talk show circuits, but he was a follower, not a leader on this one.  The momentum came from the Democratic Congress.)

The Green Revolution in IranApathetic.  (Obama had the opportunity to topple the Iranian government using the power of the Iranian people.  Instead, after a prolonged silence, he damned the Iranian people with faint, frightened praise.)

The Gulf Oil SpillApathetic.  (Notwithstanding his promise to find “some ass to kick” — a phrase that, with repetition, takes on weirdly homoerotic connotations, or is that just me? — Obama has done little.  Alternatively, what little he’s done, has been obstructive or unconstitutional, without actually affecting that endless oil flow.)

The Iranian Nuclear BombApathetic.  (Although that’s not quite true:  when he’s not being frighteningly quiescent, he’s been working to water down sanctions against them.  That goes beyond apathetic and veers into self-destructive, with America, the Middle East and Europe as the “self.”)

The cratering economyApathetic. (Obama is making noises about spending yet more of tax payer money to prop up his already disastrous plans, but he’s been remarkably passive about the whole thing, helped, perhaps, by a frightened Congress that is now pretending there is no budget at all.)

The Fort Hood MassacreApathetic. (“What Fort Hood massacre?  But while we’re here, I’d like to give a shout out….”)

The two front war (Iraq and Afghanistan) that America is engaging in against Islamic jihadApathetic. (Hello!  Is anyone home at the White House?  As you may recall, despite meeting multiple times with Andy Stern, of the SEIU, Obama didn’t have time to meet General McChrystal, who was running the Afghanistan side of the war.)

Continued Islamic jihad directed at the American home frontApathetic. (He’s handed this one to Holder and Napolitano, and they’re just doing a wonderful job, aren’t they?  They’ve now got the entire Pentagon going through all documents with white-out to delete any reference to Islam.  Obama remains apathetically above this fray.)

State efforts to stem the terrible criminal and economic consequences of uncontrolled federal bordersAnger (at the states drowning in crime by and welfare claims from illegal aliens).

Israel’s efforts to stem the terrible genocidal consequences of Hamas on her bordersAnger (at Israel, which is in the fight of her life against entities whose sole goal is her total destruction).

The military’s deep concern at the fact that the Obama White House is mishandling our two front war in Iraq and AfghanistanAnger. And this is the one that sparked my post.  Huge, earth-shaking things have been going on around the world, and Obama has acted in a bizarrely passive (or, sometimes, passive-aggressive) way.  But General McChrystal does a rather foolish interview in Rolling Stone, and suddenly Obama is all action (emphasis mine):

President Barack Obama was “angry” after reading Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s remarks about colleagues in a Rolling Stone article, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday.

McChrystal — the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan — has been recalled to Washington to explain his actions to the president. He is expected to meet with Obama in the Oval Office on Wednesday, Gibbs said. Gibbs refused to speculate about McChrystal’s fate, but told reporters “all options are on the table.”

Any citizen should be shocked by this:  Obama will see McChrystal, not regarding how to win a war as to which Obama is commander-in-chief, but to give McChrystal a dressing down because the latter hurt Obama’s witty-bitty fweeings. We don’t have a man in the White House. We have a giant ego, unattached to morals, intelligence, strategic skills or anything else useful.

My Mom told that that her retirement community which, judging by lapel pins back in November 2008, went 80-90% for Obama, is having buyer’s remorse. They say that they had such high hopes for him, and he’s been such a disappointment. I tell her that we in the conservative community were a large, howling pack of Cassandras, desperately trying to get the truth out there — and we were roundly, and soundly, ignored.

She also told me that the residents were so willing to give him a chance, “hoping he’d grow on the job.”  None of them seemed to have figured out that you’re already supposed to be grown when you hit the White House.  It’s not a practice job; it’s the real deal.  It’s unnerving to see a building full of people who demonstrate that age does not necessarily beget wisdom.

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