Focusing conservative energy on the battleground states

The Strata-Sphere explains where conservative energy needs to go.  (And be patient if the site doesn’t load.  Apparently it’s been hinky.)  Bottom line:  Washington, California and Wisconsin are the Senate races to watch.  They could be the real game changers.  Here in California, I know that I’m voting for Carly.  Are you?

Here’s where the real difficulty lies:  getting independents to the polls.  Conservatives are galvanized enough to bring in a bunch of Republican/Tea Party victories.  However, in the game changing states, the difference may lie with the independents and they, currently, are in “a plague on both your houses” mode.  They are disgusted by Obama and the Democrats, but they have no desire to race out and vote for the Republicans.

This passivity actually confounds me.  If you’ve come to the point where you think the Democrats are a disaster harming the country, would you just sit there and sneer, and would you do your best to get them out of power?  I’m not sure these people are independents.  They strike me as spectators.