I have an idea for a Koran protest

I am 100% opposed to book burning, any book.  You don’t fight ideas by sending the paper on which they’re printed up in flames.  You fight ideas by debate and discourse.

Of course, the problem for Westerners, is that the Prophet himself made debate and discourse unlawful.  So what do you do?  Burning books is a primitive, stupid idea, that is antithetical to American values.  Debating with Islamists is an impossible task because their narcissistic leader made sure to cut of the possibility for any discourse.

How about putting Islam in its place and ignoring the Koran?  I can just see it now:  Americans from all over buy Korans and bring them to a public meeting place.  They then stack their Korans neatly — and with respect — in a corner; walk to the middle of the room; and begin expounding, with vigor, upon the virtues of American constitutional governance.