Interesting hook being baited in San Francisco

Carla Marinucci is a political writer for the SF Chronicle.  In this post, she describes how the Liberty and Freedom Foundation put up a billboard advertising a Sarah Palin’s appearance in San Jose soon.  It’s not just any billboard, though.  They put it in SF’s Castro district –known for its activist gay community .  The Liberty and Freedom Foundation made it plain that this was not an accident, but was a demand for tolerance:

“The Castro is supposed to be about a message of tolerance, and we hope that tradition stays,” Victor Cocchia, executive director of Liberty and Freedom Foundation told us. “We were looking for a place to spend our ad dollars, and this came up..and we thought, “That’s what this is all about.”

Hook baited. Marinucci is pretty sure (although she says it without an ounce of censure) that the neighborhood’s denizens will be unable to resist the opportunity to show just how intolerant they are:

But let’s get real: some progressives and Democrats might see it differently — as in a thumb in the eye. Palin, a possible 2012 GOP presidential candidate and tea party darling, isn’t exactly the LGBT community’s cup of tea, with her regular statements about traditional marriage.


Any bets on how long the sign will last at the Castro’s ground zero?

Interesting question. Do you have any bets on how long the “tolerant” party will be able to tolerate a large sign touting a mainstream politician whose political views are antithetical to theirs?