As good a summary as any about the Left’s libels

Dennis Prager hits it out of the park:

People are awakening to the crucial fact of left-wing success: The only way the Left can succeed in America is by libeling the Right. Only 20 percent of Americans label themselves liberal, let alone leftist. How, then, do leftists get elected? And why don’t more Americans call themselves conservative, when, in fact, so many share conservatives’ values?

The answer to both questions is that, through its dominance of the news media, entertainment media, and educational institutions, the Left has been able to successfully demonize the Right for at least half a century.

The Left rarely convinces Americans to adopt its views. What it does is create a fear of the Right that influences many Americans to align themselves with the Left.

That precisely describes why I was a Leftist for so many years.  I didn’t understand the issues very well, and I was hazy on the facts, but it was enough to know that I “good” and they were “evil.”  Moreover, as someone who lives in a Leftist world, I can tell you that arguments are never about facts, they are always about the conservative’s personal failings:  mean-spirited, ignorant, confused, brainwashed, etc.

The whole thing is here.