Not to denigrate our President’s speaking style….

In the wake of President Obama’s 60 Minutes interview, I noted that he said that we had “denigrated” either the Taliban or Al Qaeda (I forget which).  Lord alone knows what he really meant, but I’m sure he didn’t mean that we verbally put them down or insulted them.

President Malaprop is at it again:

“Internationally, we’ve gone through a Teutonic shift in the Middle East that could have enormous ramifications for years to come.”

The White House assured people that the president meant “tectonic.”  I suspect, though, that he doesn’t know better.  Why do I suspect that?  Because he makes so many of these mistakes.  “Denigrate” instead of, perhaps (?), “decimate;” “corpse-man” instead of “corpsman,” “Austrian language” instead of “German;” and on and on with the usual list of mistakes.  At a certain point, one begins to suspect, not that he misspeaks, but that he doesn’t know any better.  Not knowing any better is fine for the ordinary person, but it’s something of a bait-and-switch for those of us assured of Obama’s genius and massive education skills.

Hat tip: James Taranto