I’m being a doofus and I need your help

My daughter is trying to compare medical treatments and outcomes during the Civil War and during the current wars.  Broadly speaking, that’s quite easy, ’cause all you really need to know are antibiotics and sterile techniques.  Everything else is a subset (and yes, I know I’m grossly over-simplifying).

The problem for her is the level of detail she needs.  For example, she needs to know the number of amputations performed.  I can’t seem to communicate to her that, in the old days, they cut things off because they couldn’t fix them; nowadays, medical amputations usually finish the job that an IED started.

More generally, she needs statistics on medical treatments and outcomes during the current wars — the numbers of wounded and the numbers of surgical procedures performed.  Also, are any troops dying of infectious diseases?  (I know that, during the Civil War, dysentery was a great killer, just as malaria decimated troops in the Pacific.)  My daughter also insists that she wants data on the number of troops nowadays dying of infected wounds.

Do you guys have any suggested websites?  My searches have been ineffectual.  Comparing the state of medicine during the Civil War to the state of medicine now isn’t just comparing apples to oranges, it’s comparing shoes to caterpillars.