Federal Reserve apologizes, promises to consult with Bookworm Room in future!

Obama Stimulus? Fail! QE-1? Fail! QE-2? Fail! Keynesian economics? Fail!


The economy is still mired in depression, joblessness rates are unmoved, housing starts are moribund, the dollar continues its decline, food and fuel inflation encroach, consumer pessimism mounts and, as Nancy Pelosi promised, we are still discovering new ways that ObamaCare will bankrupt us all. Paul Krugman? Still grumpy and wrong as ever.


But then, we at Bookworm Room predicted this outcome way back before 2008. Well, at least 97% of us did…a consensus! So, once again, a round of favorite beverages for everyone…even for the one or two grumpy reactionaries in our midst.


Ah well, I guess we shall have to roll-up our sleeves once again and book our schedules accordingly as the Fed prepares to consult our pages in order to rectify this awful mess that Democrats have made of our economy and country.


Happy Fourth of July weekend, everyone! I for one shall be attending my neighborhood parade, watching brand new young conservatives being commissioned into serve while marching down the street waving American flags.