More on the racial classification forms I’m forced to fill out so that my kids can attend public school

Kidkaroo, in a comment to my earlier post about the federal requirement that I racially classify my children, explains that, in today’s South Africa, racism is still alive and well — it just runs in the opposite direction from the old days:

Down here in the “new” South Africa, we have something similar; I have to classify my children according to their race in order to comply with quotas – if there are too many white kids in a school it loses its government grant. Problem is, my adopted daughter could be either Coloured (a term for all those of mixed race) or African, as her parents are unknown. If she’s classified African, her marks will be increased more than if she were merely Coloured. Her university entrance will be made easier and she’ll benefit more from affirmative action – Coloureds getting lower points on the “previously disadvantaged” rating. My white kids, born well after the demise of Apartheid are actively discriminated against due to their skin colour. Welcome to the “rainbow nation” where Apartheid is, supposedly, a thing of the past.

That opposite direction can quickly become deadly, a risk perfectly exemplified by this tragic account of what happens when people start crossing racial lines in a racially obsessed society.

Hat tip:  Ace of Spades