Heels are NOT a power thing

Apparently the newest metrosexual statement is for men to wear high heels.  The claim is that it’s a “power statement” because you tower over others.

I beg to differ.  Heels mess with your balance and your ability to walk forward.  I discovered this as a young lawyer.  My opponent (male) and I moved to our tables before judge.  He, wearing flat shoes, strode forward; I, wearing fashionable 2.5 inch heels, wobbled and minced.  Rather than radiating power, I radiated helplessness.  Sure I looked sexy, but I also looked useless.

Historically, only physically useless men have worn heels.  (Think of the French aristocracy, which had the power of money, but was as effete as they came.)  This is one more horrible step in the de-masculinization of Western culture.