A genius idea

I just have to pat myself on the back here, because I came up with a genius idea.  We bought our Christmas tree (er, pardon, Hanukkah bush) today.  Prices this year have been surprisingly low, so I ended up purchasing a 7′ tall tree for all of $40.00.  It’s a gorgeous tree.

Getting a 7′ tree in the house, in the stand, upright, and watered is a daunting task.  Here’s where my genius idea comes in:  I took an old king size sheet with me to the tree lot, one that I bought years ago for the kids to make play houses with.  I put the sheet on the ground, rolled the tree onto it, and then tied the sheet together at both the bottom and the top of the tree.  The tree slid in and out of my minivan effortlessly, and left no needles.

When we arrived home, and while the tree was still wrapped up and lying down, I put the tree stand on.  The kids and I then carried tree (with stand) into the house.  All of the needles remained neatly in the sheet.  We got the tree upright, adjusted the stand, added water to the base — which was easily accessible — and only then let the branches down.  A hail of needles followed.  Since the tree is in excellent shape, I assume it was the one at the bottom of the truck, and that the needles came from every other tree in the truck.

I shudder to think what the mess would have been like if it hadn’t been for my excellent idea.  As it was, I vacuumed around the base of the tree, and everything was perfect.  I’m really quite pleased, both with myself and with my tree.

You guys have probably already thought of this idea (and I’ve heard of Christmas tree bags, although I’m sure that only excessively well-organized people think to buy those), but I’m still pretty pleased with myself.  The fact that no one at this busy, busy lot had either sheet or bag tells me that this wrapping technique isn’t common.  Indeed, the Christmas tree salesman was very impressed and said that, henceforth, he’ll bring a big sheet for his own tree.

Sorry for being the boastful rooster, crowing on my own dunghill, but it’s so rare for me to have these light bulb moments that I get ridiculously excited.