Andrew Breitbart, RIP

I’m beyond stunned.  Andrew Breitbart is . . . was one of the most vital, dynamic people I’ve ever met.  He crackled with energy and enthusiasm.  To learn that he is dead is almost unbelievable, in part because he was so young and in part because he lived with such intensity.

When I saw the headline, I thought it was some horrible joke and then realized it couldn’t be, as the report of his death is spread across each of his own internet publications:  Big Hollywood, Big Journalism, Big Peace, and Big Government.

This is a tremendous loss.  Not just to his family (although I cannot imagine what’s going on there, as he leaves very young children behind) and friends, but also to the conservative world.  Andrew thought outside of the box.  He was big and creative.  He understood his political opponents and used their personality, beliefs, and tactics to his own advantage.

This is so very sad.

RIP, Andrew Breitbart