Help wanted regarding RSS feed problems

I’m very glad I posted my little whine about the drop in readership, because I heard from a number of you about the RSS feed not working.  (Some of you had even told me before that post, but I needed a critical mass before I could start putting two and two together.)

My readership could be dropping because I’m boring, repetitive, and stale.  On the other hand, my webmaster suggests that, before I go off the deep end and hide, he should investigate whether I need a new feed.  You all can help.  He says:

I’d like to know what feed URL the people with problems are using and what RSS reader they are using.  If I can find some commonalities between the people having problems then I can probably figure this out.

Sounds good to me.  If it’s not too inconvenient, could you pass on to me your feed URL and RSS reader info?

Thank you!