I’m too congested to be chatty today — but I do have a question for you.

Sorry that my blogging has been slow today.  I’ve got a cold and while I’m not very sick (and I’m very grateful for that fact), I don’t feel very well either.  Someone also seems to have stuffed my head with cotton wool, so my brains are slightly suffocated.  I’m optimistic that I’ll feel better by tomorrow or by Sunday at the very latest.  Until then, I’m slowly revolving thoughts in my stuffed-up brain and should be able to put something into the blog eventually.

While I’m imitating someone with jello for brains, perhaps you’d like to answer a question I periodically pose in one form or another:  Following the two recent conventions, which (1) candidate and (2) party do you think has the advantage going into the run-up to the election, and why do you think as you do?