Jim Hoft nails why the Obama flag product is repulsive

A lot of people have been irritated by the fact that Obama’s campaign created a rejiggered American flag with Obama’s logo replacing the stars:

Will I shock you if I say that this redesigned flag doesn’t really bother me? After all, people have been bending and shaping images of the flag forever. Bits and pieces of the flag make up hats, bikini bottoms, t-shirts, blankets, etc. It would be one thing if Obama’s took an actual flag and cut it up, which would be desecration. What Obama’s people did is just artistic license.  It’s creepy, cult-like artistic license, but that’s pretty much par for the course in the Obama camp.

Jim Hoft, however, after expressing outrage over the Obama campaign’s tackiness, manages to nail what is genuinely, horribly, repulsively wrong about that image, proving once again that timing is everything:

If the image looks familiar it could be because the red stripes resemble the bloody Benghazi hand prints.  The bloodstained walls at the US consulate revealed that the US  officials were dragged to their death by peaceful protesters  terrorists.