For a few days, you can download a free book aboout race-baiting insanity

D. Lee is the author of a short (17 page) monograph called Race-Baiting Insanity: Liars and the Romney Campaign (Race-Baiting Insanity Series #5).  It is part of a series of monographs about the way in which the Left uses race to advance its political agenda.  Lee wanted us to know that, for the next few days, you can download his ebook for free at Amazon.  I’ve already jumped on that offer.

Lee also gave me permission to reprint an essay he wrote explaining the genesis of his book:

Race Baiting In America
The Ridiculousness Of The Modern Democrats

I was born about a decade after the Civil Rights Act was officially signed into law in 1964 by President Lyndon Johnson – a Democrat. This legislation was called for by the previous President, John F. Kennedy – also a Democrat – during a speech that he gave from the Oval Office on June 11, 1963. I find it very strange that in only 2 generations, the Democratic Party of the United States has gone from one of working to eliminate racial issues to one that accuses others of racial issues without cause, and even going so far as to fabricate lies out of whole cloth. It’s a very astounding and sad thing, but one that needs to be revealed in the light of truth so that it can be eradicated, and we can be the country that we have always strived to be.

I began to notice race and race baiting when I really got interested in politics on a daily basis, which was a few years ago. At the time, I didn’t give it much thought, other than to bemoan the fact that we were so many years beyond 1964 and hadn’t we grown up yet. However, as the 2012 Presidential election cycle got going, I listened more intensely to what was being said. Often times I heard a story, and just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. That got me to dig deeper into the story, to learn if what I heard was correct. Watching other channels, reading blogs, newspapers, and magazines, and checking a number of different websites, all in the name of getting to the truth.

What did I find? I found that often, the story that I was getting from the main stream media wasn’t accurate. In some cases, they were really stretching the truth to try to achieve a particular story angle or narrative. And in at least one case, I found that things were entirely made up, bald-faced lies that were created in order to continue the narrative. I knew that the national media were, by and large, on the side of the Democrats. What I didn’t know was just how far they would go to try to keep themselves in a position of power and authority. I was incensed, I was angry, and I needed to do something. But what? Then, I had an epiphany: I could write.

Now, I’m a fiction writer, I have a novel and 2 short stories currently published under a different name (Darren Kirby). I had never written anything like a non-fiction book before. But I was just too upset not to do something, so I chose to write my first non-fiction book, “Race Baiting In America: How The Left Use Race As A Means To Keep Power, Drive The Narrative, & Tear This Country Apart”. As I was making my way through it, I couldn’t believe just how wide-spread this was, from the national media to politicians, celebrities and others. They all were using race as a means to denigrate and diminish conservatives, to paint them as hillbillies and thugs, and to relegate their political position to the trash heap where they figured they belonged. That just made me want to keep exposing them more.

When I was done with the book (it was published just a few weeks before the Presidential election in November), I figured that some of what I had found and wrote about was due to it being an election cycle, that come the new year there wouldn’t be nearly as many incidents of race baiting by the Left as there was in 2012. Boy, was I wrong! There was just as many of these incidents happening after the election as there was before. By this time, my book was in print, ebook, and audio book format, but I realized that there needed to be much, much more work done in order to expose things. So, I’ve put together a series of booklets that continue to feature these problems and to call attention to them so that we can collectively tell these race baiting jerks to “knock it off”! In order to help get the word out to as many people as possible, I am making one of these booklets FREE as a Kindle ebook this week. I want to share this with you, and I ask that you share this with as many people as you can. Post a link on Facebook, tweet like crazy, let your friends at work and in your neighborhood know, and have your family get a copy as well. You’ll be amazed at what you read, and hopefully you’ll get angry like I did and decide to do something to help set the record straight. The booklet is titled “Race Baiting Insanity, Volume 7: Academic Goals, “White Privilege”, & The NRA”. It will be FREE on Amazon from March 25 through March 29, so you’ve got lots of time to tell as many people about it as you can. The link to Amazon is below, and let’s stop the Democrats and the Left from lying about things any more!

Race-Baiting Insanity: Liars and the Romney Campaign (Race-Baiting Insanity Series #5)

~D. Lee
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