No matter what happened yesterday, today shows the deep fissures Obama has created in America

Obama with halo

The false Messiah

We know what happened yesterday:  carnage.  What we’re still waiting to hear is why yesterday happened.  As the comments at this blog show, and as reading the news proves, each side of America’s political aisle is lining up the “I told you so’s.”  On the right, we believe that the nature of the attack (multiple bombs), the timing (huge crowd), and the location (iconic American city) make it likely to be an Islamist attack.  Bolstering our belief is the fact that (a) Islamists have been doing a lot of similar attacks over the past umpteen years and (b) the only suspect today is a Saudi national.  Neither is conclusive, of course.

On the Left, they believe that the date of the attack (tax day) and the location (liberal Boston, where liberal people are running a race) makes this a right-wing fanatic anti-government attack.  The absence of such attacks since Oklahoma City (which was still, to be best of our knowledge, a lone individual) and the lack of any suspects, has not deterred that belief.  Both sides are hampered by a lack of evidence.

In addition, there are many on both sides who suspect that the government did this, either to advance an agenda (wiping out conservatives) or as a wag the dog strategy to deflect attention from everything that’s disintegrating under Obama’s touch.  People focused on domestic terrorism tend to ignore sagging economies, strident North Koreas, pressing immigrants, and Benghazi failures.

The attack, therefore, didn’t just tear people apart, it also shows the deep fissures in our nation.  The president who was supposed to bring us together, instead, by pursuing an aggressively Leftist agenda and doing some of the dirtiest campaigning in American history to win a second term, has at every point in his presidency sought to divide the nation.  No president before has ever attacked his political opponents so much — not just politicians in Congress, but ordinary people on the street.  No president since before the Civil War has worked so hard to make race a dividing issue.  No president has lied as much nor broken as many promises.  No president has received such special treatment from the media, with the result that the entire right and, increasingly, those on the fringe Left, are becoming concerned that there are vast subterranean depths of hidden information.

Right around this time in reading what I just wrote, a Leftist is going to claim that George Bush started all this by “stealing the election” and “fighting wars for oil.”  I deny the truth of both of those allegations but, just for purposes of this argument, I’ll say that he did.  So what?  It was Obama, not Bush, who assured the American people that, if he were elected, the lion would lie down with the lamb, black and white would live in harmony, the world would learn to love America, Republicans and Democrats would move together in bipartisan lockstep, the economy would thrive in ever sector and at every socioeconomic level, Muslims would lay down their arms, and there would be peace on earth and good will towards men at home and abroad.  Obama not only broke every one of these promises, but he actually made every situation worse.

It’s going to be a long three years.   I know you guys are ambivalent about Mr. Conservative (it’s less classy than what we here like), but I will tell you that I end every one of my posts — and these posts are read by tens of thousands of people — reminding readers that the best way to effect change is through the ballot box.  Vote in local elections.  Vote in state elections.  Vote in federal elections.  You don’t get to grouse if you don’t go out and vote.  Obama will remain in the White House until January 2017, but we can still clip his wings in November 2014.  Let’s do it!!