Can the first four years of Obama’s presidency be invalidated?

Here’s the lede:

Questions will soon be answered as to whether or not Barack Hussein Obama actually qualified to be on the 2008 Presidential ballot as the trial gets underway for a former Democrat Party official and a Board of Elections worker who are accused of submitting illegitimate signatures on petitions that enabled both Obama and Hillary Clinton to qualify for the race in Indiana.

You can read more details here.

I do not know what the evidence and law are, nor do I know how strong either is.  I would like to propose a hypothetical, though:  Suppose tthere is overwhelming evidence that Obama did not qualify to be on the Indiana ballot.  Moreover, says my hypothetical, without properly being on the ballot in Indiana, Obama could not have won the 2008 presidential race.  Whew!  That’s huge.  What does it mean, though, in real terms?

First, if the judge is a Democrat is there a snowball’s chance in Hell that, no matter how compelling the law and evidence, he’ll rule against Obama?  I say no.  I say that there’s less than a snowball’s chance in Hell, if there is such a less-ness.

Second, even if the judge is a Republican, will he have the courage to take the giant step of invalidating the 2008 election?  After all, it’s been one full term plus almost another half year since Obama took the first oath of office.  In that time, Obama put his signature to hundreds of new laws, most notably ObamaCare.  This is the year that ObamaCare, which even its fiercest sponsors now concede is a train wreck, really starts going into effect.  If Obama wasn’t president when he signed the bill, ObamaCare is invalid.  Every first-term executive order was invalid.  Obama’s entire first-term cabinet was invalid, which brings into question the validity of every word and deed coming from them or the agencies and departments under their control.  Obama was not Commander-in-Chief, so his military decisions are invalid.  The draw down in Afghanistan and the withdrawal from Iraq were both done without color of law.

The ramifications of invalidating a presidency four years later are so enormous that I do not think any judge will make that call, even a judge hostile to the Obama administration.  The judge will say that the egg has been scrambled.  Or, to go all Shakespearean, “What’s done cannot be undone.”  Has this been caught and tried in the first months of Obama’s presidency — while, maybe we’d have a President John McCain starting his second term.  But now?  Honestly, no matter how good the case, I don’t see it happening.

What do you think?