Barnes and Noble is Going Under…Here’s How to Save It

In case anyone wants to, of course…..

I actually think this is rather a brilliant suggestion, since it might actually attract ME to such a store.

In brief, B&N would become a coffee-shop with  a book “showroom” attached.  No more “warehousing” books.  Publishers would provide a free examination copies (one of each title) to the stores, and customers would buy a membership so they could go and hang out, use the free Wi-Fi, enjoy the coffee and muffins, and browse the books.

Read all about it — it does solve one of my problems….I don’t know what’s available! Amazon doesn’t help with this – if I know what I want, it’s a snap, but if not…..

What about it?  Could you imagine signing up and spending time at “Serendipity Books”?

h/t Instapundit