Is This When We Finally Learned We Were Living In A Police State? Updated: 95 Year Old Vet Killed by Cops

Giggles, a two-week old whitetail deer fawn in Wisconsin was executed by minions of the state, who were only following orders.

Giggles’ problem was that The Society of St. Francis rescued her, and the law prohibits rescue agencies (even no-kill ones like the Society of St. Francis) from holding state wildlife.  Of course, Giggles was scheduled for an pre-arranged transfer to a licensed wildlife shelter the very next day!  Workers at St. Francis thought (at first) that the officers were there to confiscate Giggles and take her to the proper shelter….but no.

Arriving in multiple squad cars, armed officers from the Department of Natural Resources detained shelter employees, and working from (I’m not making this up) aerial photographs, Giggles was located in a barn, and carried out in a body bag.  The DNR spokesman says that she wasn’t killed at the shelter, just anesthetized and euthanized later at their headquarters….well, that’s all right then!!


Maybe the DNR could explain to us just why their officers could not have transported the fawn to the wildlife shelter rather than acting like Good Germans, citing the law and regulations about the dangers of disease from wildlife, to justify their killing of this baby deer on the day before it was to be moved to the licensed facility set up for its care.

UPDATE:  95 year-old, “fiercely independent” John Wrana was “wobbly on his feet”, used a walker, and lived in a retirement home near Chicago.  70-some years ago, John fought for freedom against the Japanese as a young man, and survived.  But when he refused medical attention, the staff called paramedics, who then called the cops, who first tased and then shot the aged vet with a bean-bag.  The old man who had survived combat in WWII was killed in his own home because he didn’t want medical attention.

The cops claim he was a threat (Really?!?), but the retirement home staff say they were begging to be allowed to go in and calm him down.  What kind of country do we have when half a dozen policemen, with a riot shield, a taser, and a shotgun firing bean bags, are sent to deal with a 95-year old veteran who doesn’t want to take his medicine?  And then they kill him……

We have a police state, is what we have.  And if you imagine that this can’t happen to you, then go on living in your little private utopia.