Is Obama purging the military, or is this politics as usual?

Sadie sent me a link to an article that’s been discussed in a couple of email groups to which I belong.  It’s entitled “Obama’s curious purge of the military continues.”  She wondered if I’d heard any military feedback on this noticeable trend.

One of my email groups includes two retired military bloggers.  They reminded everyone that the military’s upper echelon is always political, and it always has been.  (Look at the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, etc.)  They’re not yet prepared to comment on any deeper ramifications beyond a two-term president doing the usual of getting his own political hacks in place.

As for me, I’m not sure the purges are anything more than sealing up an already done-deal.  After all, Obama has spent the last five years “fundamentally transforming” the American military.  It’s now an anti-Christian, pro-LGBTQ institution that’s marching women into combat.  Put another way, Obama’s already gone a long way to turning ours into an ineffectual European-style military force.  All he needs now is friendly management to cement the deal.

Your thoughts, please?