The unending depth of Obama’s lies

In my post about Obama’s lies, I noted that he lies endlessly, always adducing new ones to account for old ones.  Neo-neocon noted this habit and has a wonderful anecdote that provides the perfect metaphor for Obama’s lies.  Maybe someone will write a book about the healthcare fraud called “On the backs of turtles.”

And since we’re talking turtles (you’ll understand after you follow the neo-neocon link), the next logical step is Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories, my personal favorite of the Dr. Seuss books. As you may recall, Yertle wanted to be king of all he could see, so he stacked his fellow turtles up high in order to expand his view. That tall stack eventually failed, leaving Yertle buried deep in his pond’s mud.  The book could be seen as a fun metaphor for Obama’s desire to control American healthcare.