The Bookworm Beat (9/29/14) — the Illustrated edition, plus a lighthearted video

Charles Manson photo that media would use

Obama defines things

Why do atheists care if others pray

Michelle and the US Marine in Mexico

Obama lied about insurance premiums

Malcolm X on media power

Obama's idea of war

George Orwell on society that drifts from trutyh

The difference between immigration and invasion

Firearms are a girl's best friend

The truth about the media

As always, my thanks to Caped Crusader for all of the wonderful posters above. Also, I’ve got one from Sadie. My only complaint about this cartoon is that it’s unfair to Granny Clampett:

Separated at birth

Lastly, a video showing what happens when you ask Texas A&M students to dance for five seconds, without music, and then put the results to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” My sense is that A&M students are good sports, and that there’s some surprising talent — including one really surprising talent — at Texas A&M.