The Bookworm Beat (11/16/14) — The Illustrated edition (and Open Thread)

A round-up of amazing posters and cartoons from all over (although, as always, I have Caped Crusader to thank for most of them):

Winston Churchill on the free market

Racism double stands for Israel and Gaza

Hamas invests in killers not children

Israel will never be forgiven for giving the world morality

Obamacare part ii cartoon

Adams on Liberty

How to listen to music yesterday and today

The only apartheid in Israel is at the Temple Mount against Jews

Obama so transparent he's invisible

Easy to be compassionate if others are paying

Calling the internet a public utility can lead to a 16 percent tax

As world collapses, Obama talks about global warming

American voters aren't as stupid as Obama thinks they are

Government pays for nothing, taxpayers pay

Military The people who should be famous

Democrats hate on GOP and then say let's work together

Batman corrects Robin about global warming

The day dog learned he was a magic goose

Doggy and vacuum cleaner

Showing Obama  how to fool the rubes

Rob Lowe promoting the Gruber interview

Putin disses Obama for socialism