The Bookworm Beat 4-4-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

You’ll notice that some of these cartoons were created a while ago. The one about Obama and hope, for example, is from 2008. What’s amazing, though, is how current they are. It’s as if we’re stuck, not in a time warp, which would see everything remain the same, but in a slowly degrading time spiral, i.e., everything is almost the same, except that it just keeps getting worse. Thanks, as always, to Caped Crusader for this great collection.

Thomas Sowell on welfare con

Hillary Laws gravity

Voters Obama

White Privilege blame bad choices

Rights from creator not state Kennedy

Democrat easier than working

Obama Michelle

Obama hopeful empty box

illegal aliens in-state tuition

Missing leader

government citizens guns

Iran intercontinental ballistic missile

political correctness

foreign policy laughing stocks

Obama American patriots villains Iranians freedom fighters

Hillary transparency

Hillary and Obama

Obamacare truthers

Bake the cake

Obama illegal immigration policy

Obama hypocrisy white privilege