Something peculiar about that #LoveWins hashtag

Pulsating heartAm I the only one who keeps thinking “Do you really need the Supreme Court’s and the United States Government’s permission to love?”  That certainly seems to be the message implicit in the #LoveWins hashtag.  While marriage at the personal level is aided by love, at both the civil and religious level it’s never been about love.  It’s always been about pragmatic things such as procreation, child support, wealth distribution, and religious imperatives.  Love has nothing to do with marriage — except for the married couple’s own emotions, which exist irrespective of church and state.

Of course, I understand the propaganda value in pretending that love is the only thing that matters but I’m confused about the sales pitch.  I love despite government, not because of it — as I think is true for most people.

But perhaps if you’re a Big Government Leftist, you really do need Big Brother’s permission for anything and everything, including affairs of the heart.

Oh, and just a reminder that gay marriages aren’t like other marriages and that gay sexual practices aren’t consistent with “cisgendered heteronormative” monogamous relationships.