The Bookworm Beat 11-9-15 — the rainy day illustrated edition and open thread

It rained here this morning, and we even got a little thunder and lightning, which is something that seldom occurs here.  Perhaps a divine being is trying to tell Marin residents to repent their lifetime of Leftist votes and to return to Marin’s long-ago Republican roots. Maybe some of these posters would change their minds (and maybe pigs will fly):

Lincoln freed slaves Obama frees terrorists

Fred Sanford and ISIS

Electing Hillary as first woman is stupid

Obama takes the oath

Obama's three branches of government

Obama's tax approach to wealth creation

Obama is a 2 year old with a mohawk

Obama master of vague

Obama and imaginary war on women

Obama Fox news and the cheerleader Gutfeld

Burroughs person a failure when he blames others

Why Obama followers will never admit they're wrong

Divisive politicans are dangerous says Sowell

Ridiculously rich Obama Hollywood supporters

Obama Buffet

Ben Carson black man vetted

Obama and Carson academic records

Ben Carson Brain Surgeon

Fred Sanford and ISIS

Putin makes sense on sharia

Sanctuary flock of sheep

Muslims raise children to kill

Islam burqa West blind eyes

A job for ISIS

Bringing Muslims to America is a war on women

Big government means small citizens Steyn

Effort and income inequality can be related

Liberal gives away everything he doesn't own

Hillary Clinton exploits Ferguson

Pelosi stool stample

Abortion double homicide

Hitler a socialist

Media roots through the garbage

Obamacare and the IRS

German scrabble

Cat lady

Germans and Scrabble 2

Ugly beards and mullets