The Bookworm Beat 3/17/16 — the illustrated edition and open thread

Yes, it’s been a while — life interfered — but I’m back with a wonderful illustrated edition. They are in exciting random order because I’m too lazy today to sort them by topic:

Future sex slaves welcome Muslim masters

How the minimum wage actually works

Serving and leadership

Chihuahua or Muffin

Socialism in your own yard

Islam calls for death of others

Engineers at work

Donald Trump campaigning on road

Day 3 Humans still think I'm lost

Tony Benn's NHS rowing analogy

Citizens with guns subjects without

Nobody understands Donald Duck

Laugh at honor traitors c. s. lewis

Blacks are killing each other

The handshaker when people's hands are full

Set your bombs one hour forward

Burqas are not normal

worrying about money

eye tests for designers

What women want

Trump orange is the new black

Obama pees on the constitution

Racists versus activists obama versus trump

Silent Cal for president

Rebels vote for Cruz

Government helping cyclists

Forrest Trump

Merrick Garland opposes second amendment guns

The Klavan Supreme Court option