The Bookworm Beat 4/15/16 — the illustrated edition and open thread, Part 1

My website was down for two hours! It was traumatic, but I spent the time in my safe space (dog, chocolate, book), and am now refreshed and ready to face the world with a sterling illustrated edition. In defiance of convention, I will not issue a trigger warning. You’re own your own.  The only warning I’ll issue is that this post is so long, I’ve had to divide it into three parts so your eyes don’t get all buggy.  (Part 2 and Part 3):

Politicians in this election scary

Elections change flat tire

Donald Trump cry bully

Cruz and Trump election strategies

Trump children

Obama a socialist sock puppet James Wood

Obama sees himself as god

Obama guns more laws

Stupid liberals vote for Obama

Obama rich people and working people Rand Paul

Obama finances terrorists

Hillary Chicago cemetery vote

Hillary gender relations

Hillary accomplished avoiding prosecution

Hillary lies

Hillary prison Nelson Mandela

Bernie Sanders drinks other people's beer

Bernie Sanders entices stupid liberals with money


Reagan on socialism

Socialism people try to escape

Socialism capitalism mailbox FedEx UPS

Resist Capitalism hashtag Socialism Gated Community

Jews present in Israel for centuries

Women Jews civilization misogyny Bacha Khan

Israel Jerusalem Palestinians joke

Israel Antisemitism Belgium Europe Terrorism

Israel Palestinians Antisemitism BDS Khaled Abu Toameh

Muslims American military

Europe Israel Muslim terrorists

Muslims brave Kurds running Syrians

Muslims terrorists