The infantile Left

[I’m in transit to Disneyland, so I’m iPhone blogging. Apologies in advance for typos.]

Someone on my Facebook feed posted the image below:


I find the image fascinating because it speaks so strongly to a particularly immature facet of the Leftist brain: Just like the baby who thinks your face has vanished for real when you cover it as part of a game, only to magically reappear when you pull your hands away while explaining “peek-a-boo,” the Leftist believes in the existence only of things he can see.

The above poster speaks to the Leftists’ certainty about the magical properties of electric cars — since you don’t see emissions, none must exist. The car is therefore clean, never mind the filthy, earth-destroying mining to make the battery, or the oil and/or coal burned to generate the electricity that runs that “clean” car.

Because the Left didn’t start tracking the earth’s temperature until the last few decades, no temperature changes before then existed or are relevant. Big Ice Ages and little ice ages, the ends of those ice ages and warming periods, glaciers expanding and retreating, inland oceans rising and vanishing — none of it matters because the Leftist didn’t experience it. But because the Leftist, via school and the media, is experiencing minute temperature variations — peek-a-boo! — they are real, unique, and the stuff of nightmares.

The Leftist can accept abortion because a baby, which lies unseen in the womb, is hypothetical until born. To Leftists, there’s no continuation from zygote to fetus to baby to child to adult. Instead, before life actually begins, there’s simply a potential bump on a real woman.

If the woman wants a baby, that bump magically turns into a living being after it’s been washed up and put at Mom’s breast. If the woman doesn’t want a baby, the bump is just that — an inanimate object that can be destroyed without compunction. No wonder Lefties were infuriated by that TV commercial (Doritos?), which gave reality to the hypothetical bump. That really killed the buzz of the pregnancy peek-a-boo game.

And Lord knows, I’ve blogged often enough about the Leftist inability to recognize that guns save many more lives than they take. In a morbid version of the peek-a-boo game, Leftists see the dead gangbanger, or the little girl killed by the gangbanger, or the woman and child shot by a jealous ex-boyfriend, because they’re all there, right before the Leftists’ eyes. What they’re incapable of seeing is all the horrible things that DIDN’T happen — that are, so to speak, hidden behind the hand: the woman whose boyfriend DIDN’T beat her to death, the people at the mall who WEREN’T massacred by a wannabe mass murderer, the convenience store clerk who WASN’T shot in a robbery, and the homeowner who WASN’T raped and murdered in her bed, all because someone was able to use a gun defensively, instead of just offensively.

The Israeli response to the knife intifada is a perfect example of guns repeatedly stopping mass murderers in their tracks. But for guns on good guys, the spilled blood of innocents would have been so much worse. The knife intifada therefore seems to have run its course because, even for brainwashed fanatics of the Islamic death cult, there wasn’t enough return on effort.

(Ironically, even though the knife intifada resulted in real dead bodies, the Left actually managed NOT to see them. Apparently dead Jews stabbed to death by Palestinians don’t actually exist.)

At every stage of thought, the Left is infantile. Like the baby, what it doesn’t see doesn’t exist. Like the baby, it desperately wants to be cared for because it is incapable of caring for itself.

Like the toddler it’s obsessed with fecal matter, whether it’s Occupy “protesters” turning public parks into cesspools, Leftist writers peppering their works with scatalogical words and imagery, or photographers Photoshopping fecal matter into images of Republican presidential candidates. And like the small child, its fights inevitably devolve into somewhat more sophisticated versions of calling their opponents “poopy heads.” Leftists are developmentally delayed and want to creat a country that suits their immaturity.

And that’s what I thought of when I saw the poster about the filthy trail behind an electric car.