The Bookworm Beat 4/30/16 — the mega giga illustrated edition and open thread

I think I’m supposed to call all of these posters “memes.”  But you know what?  To me, they’re still “posters.” The other thing I can tell you is that there are a lot of them. These should keep you entertained for a long time.

Cruz Boehner loves Lefties

Cruz Boehner spat

Cruz doesn't work well with tyrants

Cruz Trump Mike Tyson endorsement

Cruz Boehner calls him Lucifer

Cruz Trump Boehner Lucifer Texting Buddies

Hillary everything liberals hate but they want her

Hillary Bill always chooses someone else

Hillary Clinton Bill not faithful

Hillary stupid people vote for her

Trump Hillary Clinton expensive election

Bernie supporter universal lawn care

Bernie Sanders other people's money

Silly giant pinata to breach Trump's wall

Trump per Thomas Sowell

Trump not conservative

Trump ties to Clintons

Obama ignores terrorism

Obama not a manly leader

Obama Muslim Brotherhood employee of the month

Obama GOP never really attacked him

Obama stoked racial divisions

Obama failed economy

Climate Change minimal temperature change

Climate change scientists versus media

Islam Crusades defensive war

Islam Europe refugees plague

Government taxes

Religion Pope France Muslims Christians

Jews Israel Antisemitism

Israel exports food from a desert

Politics Lincoln contested convention

Politics contested convention

Politics anti-party people

Stupid liberals fat poor people

Stupid liberals prison system employees loot

Stupid liberals free college but not free trade schools

Stupid liberals socialist countries

Stupid liberals right to pee in bathroom

Wisdom no entitlements earn things

Wisdom border security airports

Wisdom Milton Friedman economic programs outcome intent

Wisdom Constitution Scalia

Silly terrorist robes goats zippers

Silly Sikhs not Muslims

Silly mental illness Democrats

Silly too much sex and memory

Silly taco truck

Silly Walker Busey in 2016

Silly Scottish bathroom confusion

Silly cat do unto others