Trump the Disrupter

Someone sent me a photo of a very apt bumper sticker:

Fuck everyone Trump

I think that bumper sticker goes a long way to explaining Trump’s initial and still growing success. Voters, especially those on both the Left and the Right who haven’t bought into the Democrat Party’s deep dive into hardcore socialism and who are dismayed by just about everything the Obama administration has done at home and abroad, look at Washington D.C. and the nation at large, and this is what they see (it’s a long list):

** Spiraling debt that will be handed to our grandchildren

** Rampant Islamism that our administration denies exists

** Secret efforts to increase the influx of Muslim immigrants from the world’s most radicalized spots

** The government’s deliberate decision to abandon our victory in Iraq, paving the way for Al Qaeda

** The government’s reneging on its promise not to put American boots on the ground in the Middle East

** The government’s support for the Iranian mullahs

** The government’s support for radical Islamist groups ranging from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to CAIR here at home

** The government’s cavalier abandonment of Americans in Benghazi — including an ambassador — and its craven, debased willingness to lie about it after the fact

** The government’s abandonment of a secure southern border and, indeed, its decision to open it to all people who rationally chose to immigrate here illegally in exchange for food stamps, welfare, free education, and free healthcare

** The government’s effort to turn our military into a feminized, homosexualized, transgenderized social justice experiment without regard to its purpose, which is to kill as many of America’s enemies as possible, while leaving all or most of our people intact and alive

** The government’s alienation of our long-term allies, everyone from Israel to England to Poland

** The government’s heavy-handed efforts to marginalize and destroy Israel, the only true liberal democracy in the Middle East, making it vulnerable to genocidal forces around the world

** The government’s reinstatement of the welfare system that led to generations of families — usually black — utterly impoverished and marginalized

** The government’s relentless attacks on the Second Amendment, which is the only Amendment that guarantees us the ability to protect all the other inherent rights we have under the Bill of Rights

** An abortion establishment that has gone crazy, and is so invested in abortion that it believes post-birth abortion is reasonable (although it used to be called murder) — and that sells off aborted fetuses and their various parts for a profit

** A government that, when the abortion industry illegally markets aborted fetuses, arrests those who expose this crime

** The politicization of our federal agencies, and that means the whole alphabet soup, from the IRS to the DOJ to the EPA to the FDA, and all the way down the line

** The way in which Supreme Court nominations have become completely politicized, a legacy of Biden and Teddy Kennedy, going back to the disgraceful attacks on Robert Bork

** The manifest lies the President told the American people when selling Obama care

** The utter disaster that is Obamacare

** The equally manifest lies the President told the American people regarding the Iran Agreement — something that Ben Rhodes, short story writer and chief foreign policy advisor gleefully and proudly acknowledged

** A media that’s completely in the tank for the administration and, like Rhodes, proud of it

** The government’s willingness to destroy the economy in pursuit of increasingly chimerical “anthropogenic climate change”

** The willingness of a politically charged NASA to falsify data to support climate change

** The stifling effects of political correctness

** The insistence from those who claim to be the party of science that biological gender is imaginary

** The PC charge of “hater” leveled at those who believe married opposite-sex couples provide the best homes for raising children

** The continuing effort, going back to LBJ, to substitute government for father’s in children’s lives, leading to generations of children raised in poverty and condemned to adult poverty, and just as many generations of young men valued only for the size of their weapon, whether the one delivering bullets or the one delivering sperm — a valuation that ends with too many disaffected, angry, purposeless, ill-educated men, mostly black, filling America’s prisons.

** The heavy-handed racism that tells Americans that black lives are the only lives that matter

** The same heavy-handed racism, dressed up as loving concern for blacks, that tells blacks that, without government, they are incapable of raising themselves up, something every other American immigrant and minority group has achieved — and that’s true no matter the political, social, or physically violent and threatening hurdles put in their way

** The revelation that college campuses across America have pretty abandoned teaching in favor of telling students that they America is a racist sinkhole; that whites are irredeemably privileged; that Israel is a genocidal nation (never mind the burgeoning Palestinian population); that their emotions trump reason, debate, and free speech; that all men are rapists; that all women are victims of male dominance (even though men are increasingly marginalized in education and the workplace); that the entire body of Western knowledge, which led to the richest, most well-fed, longest-lived time in world history, is tainted and must be overthrown; that Republicans are inherently evil; that capitalism is inherently abusive; and that sexual identity is infinitely malleable with no gender reality

** A Republican party that, for at least 22 years (going back to the Gingrich-led uprising in 1994), has not managed to advance a single conservative cause

** A Republican party that has been a rubber stamp for President Obama because the party will always back down the moment the word “racist” appears

** A Republican party that, rather than stopping Obama, threw all its efforts into stopping the Tea Party, which asked only that the government reign in spending and rediscover the Constitution — ideas apparently too radical for Republicans to contemplate

** A Supreme Court with justices who openly disrespect the Constitution (I’m talking to you, Ruth Bader Ginsburg) and who act upon that disrespect by writing romance novels to same-sex love instead of subjecting same-sex marriage to the rigors of constitutional analysis (I’m talking to you, Justice Kennedy).

** Public schools that are completely in thrall to hard Left teacher’s unions, which in turn function as money laundering schemes for Democrat Party hacks.

And I could go on and on and on.

What people see is a system that is completely corrupt, either in a monetary or an ideological sense. They see a government intent upon destroying the nation its office holders are sworn to protect. They see an opposition party that is utterly hapless, helpless, and hopeless. They see an education establishment given over entirely to anti-American, anti-white, anti-male, anti-Jewish, anti-free market, anti-free speech, anti-science, anti-rationality propaganda.

People no longer want to change the system. People want to destroy the system — and that holds true, not just for Republicans disgusted with their party of political enablers, but also for conservative Democrats who dream of a time when being a Democrat meant you could still love your country, speak your mind, secure your borders, and fight your enemies.

Donald Trump is the embodiment of destruction. His campaign broke all the rules and people believe that he’ll govern the same way — blowing up one broken, corrupt institution after another.

Whether Trump actually will function as a destroyer is another story; it’s enough that voters believe he will. They’ve seen too many failed politicians come to D.C. both intending to play by the rules and to fix the broken system. These failures happen irrespective of how principled and intelligent the clean-government, small-government crusaders are. (Cruz, for example, a fanatic constitutionalist, merely ended up being the whipping boy for the Republican establishment.)

Trump ignores the rules and makes his own, which is a large part of his charm. Fed-up Americans don’t really want Trump to govern America as it is; they want him to burn America’s political system to the ground, sow the ground with salt, and then start anew. The more optimistic among us hope that this new start will involve the Constitution or at least enough of it for survivors to work with when the Trump era comes to an end.